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procrastinationIt is sad how I’ve become such an expert on this subject but I hope you can learn from the confession of my faults and find healing and deliverance for yourself.

Procrastination is from the Latin pro and crastinus, meaning towards tomorrow. It is representative of a mindset of indecision. When we procrastinate we have our obedience meter set on tomorrow instead of today, later instead of now.

Invariably, this causes us to put the Lord to the test where we act as if we are entitled to a double portion of God’s grace tomorrow for the single portion of God-given grace we are refusing to act upon today.

When this happens, unnecessary pressure is introduced into our lives. We become forgetful as well as neglectful. What do I mean? God nudges your soul and stirs up your attention to pray or intercede for someone but you refuse this mantle of responsibility saying you’re too busy at the moment or you’ll get to it later but you don’t. God asks you to remember someone in the present but you willfully forget them and go to something else.

Willfully forget enough of these opportunities and you will start to forget a lot of things. And, it won’t be pretty. And, it will cause people to lose faith in you. And, it will cause you to be frustrated with yourself.

Avoid all these hassles and heartaches. Be the person “after God’s own heart”. Your obedience meter is set on the now instead of the later, today instead of tomorrow.

Like I said, I have wrestled with this temptation most of my life but now, thankfully, it is more sporadic and occasional than the constant bother and torment it used to be. What changed? God became my helper. I share how he helped me, giving me SEVEN KEYS to Overcoming Procrastination. I hope they will help you, as well.

wrestling“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5: 16 KJV) Every other version I could find translates and uses the word for sins where the King James version uses the word that is translated faults.

The word, faults means to fall beside or near something. Like Maxwell Smart we “missed it by that much.” It’s not a willful thing. It’s more of a default setting we haven’t learned to break through, yet. It’s more a sign of weakness or immaturity like a toddler taking our first steps.  We know we can guide ourselves better if we crawl but we’ll give walking a try. Faults are some part of us that still has a tendency to lapse or  deviate from the truth of what God is making us to be.

We’re happy to repent and turn around and own up to our plight. We acknowledge we are a work in progress. This is not an excuse to sin. It’s a confession of reality. We’re happy to confess our faults and appreciate and covet the bolstering power of faithful prayers. We admit healing is forthcoming.  We’re like someone with the hiccups who needs to hold our breath and swallow a few more times. We’re waiting for that surprising work of grace that brings our faults to an abrupt and unexpected end. But, mostly it seems we’re defaulting to our faults. Have patience with us and add your prayers to mine and others.

Wrestling with our faults means we approach them with humility, yet with a sense of humor that carries us forward. Apply the medicine of laughter. Our case is not hopeless. We fully believe God will completely and wholly transform us. We teeter and sway sometimes even when we are in His grasp. It’s not God’s fault that we still wrestle with our faults.

Wrestling with our faults means we are constantly asking God to redirect our steps and fine tune our attitude. We’re asking God to turn us from being a hindrance to another person’s conversion and success and more of a help. You are looking at an unfinished work. wrestling-marcusaurelius

So, wrestle with your faults. Put your words together and let the inward fault lines be spoken aloud. Identify them as best you can. Laughat the futility of your faults keeping you from being conformed into the image of Jesus Christ. Freely ask for prayers and be free and faith-filled in praying for others. By grace through faith, we are and will be saved and we are and will be healed from all our faults.