This is your personal introduction to the pathway of God’s grace.  Moving at the Speed of Grace is excellent as a personal read and as a study book for small groups.  Along the way, make sure you learn the parable of the pancake and discover the way God works! Order it from Norman now for only $10.00 + S & H.

“This book is filled with Holy Scripture and biblical content. It is also filled with wonderful personal stories that illustrate the steps along the path of grace. Preachers will find the book worth the price  because of the stories and the many insigtful questions…The book helped me to grow and to move forward in my own spiritual journey.”  Tom Albin, Dean of the Upper Room Chapel, Nashville, TN


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  Find out why America needs to repent if it is to enjoy a “future and a hope”.  A Nation Pierced: A Call to a Nation under Judgment details the reasons why America is in trouble today. A shocking dream is the platform for this call to repentance.  See what a difference repentance and revival could make. Order it from Norman now for only $10.00 + S & H. It’s also available at and in the Kindle store.

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