advice3 Words of Advice from Mark 11 and 12

  1. Have faith in God. Let it crescendo and accelerate through your soul until the mountains move at the sound of your voice and the obstacles against you flee at your approach.
  2. Forgive. Forgive until you experience the live stream of mercy from heaven enveloping you and bearing you up through every circumstance and challenge.
  3. Don’t play the fool. Don’t draw back from God as if God has bad breath when He begins to breathe the Holy Spirit upon you. Don’t beat up what God is trying to nurture. Don’t kill what God is busy raising up to life.  Don’t criticize what God is encouraging. Don’t reject or despise the marvelous and mighty work of God.

When we play the fool, God’s way always begins in us as if it is insignificant. It won’t grow large until our faith does.

How will you allow your faith to grow, today?  How will you deal with people when you remember you have something against them?  How will you avoid playing the fool?