remember“I think it right, as long as I am in this body, to arouse you by way of reminder.” (2 Peter 1: 13 RSV)

As long as I’m alive there is something for which a reminder is always appropriate. What is it? To make God’s call and His Word the basis for everything we do. Even if we already know this is true and have it firmly established, a reminder is still in good order.

What’s the purpose for the reminder? That we, with greater speed might escape and move away from the corruption that is in the world through desire and that we, with greater speed and choreography, have more and more in common with God’s nature.

These reminders can be stirring us up to the promises of God. These reminders attest to God’s glory and excellence. These reminders can point out the difference grace still needs to make for us to be conformed into the image of God’s Dear Son.

We need these reminders and I am thankful for the ones I get, even though I’m sometimes slow to appreciate them as I should.

I remember when as a young man I watched my grandfather, whose nature with whom I had way too much in common, was acting inappropriately. His caregivers would always respond so graciously, confessing for him, “He’s just not himself, right now.”  But, I was concerned, what if this behavior is closer to the truth than we want to admit?

Regardless, I developed a new prayer in those days, one which I am reminded to repeat quite often. It goes like this. “Lord, please work in me a thorough work of grace, so when I am not myself I look more like YOU than me.”

Again, I remind you, make God’s call and His Word the basis for everything you do. Let everything be laid upon that foundation. That way, everything that happens in your life will be an eternal gift and legacy.

How will you be reminded of this? Do you have a daily habit of hearing from God?  Do you have someone in your life that points out the differences between your nature and the Lord’s?  Do you have a plan to add speed and choreography to your actions that enable you to be in closer sync with Jesus?