morningsThere is a version of meditation that is adapted from the Lord’s Prayer for those of us who need help ordering the first few moments of our day. I call it Seven.

  1. Stand: It begins with the focusing of your will upon the day and asks three questions from Ephesians, chapter 6. How will I stand apart unto God, today? How will I stand against the schemes of the devil? How will I stand alert to the opportunities of this particular day? These focusing questions can take place while you are still in the bed, or while you are in the shower, or when you are sitting with your coffee, or while driving to work. I usually try to set this down in a journal because I’m kind of ADD and if I don’t spell it out, I tend to go to the next thing instead of taking my stand.
  2. Scripture: “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10: 17) Every morning should start with some word from the Lord, some clarifying revelation or expectation for your work or your relationships. I like to follow the Life Journal Bible Reading and use their acrostic, SOAP: Scripture, Observation, Application, & Prayer.
  3. Singing: The way I encourage myself and build up my faith is through singing. You can use songs you already know: psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs or make up one of your own.
  4. Supplications: This is where I intercede for others and pray specifically for the Lord to bless people in my life or within my sphere of influence.
  5. Stations: This is the time for visualization, putting myself in the particular settings and situations I know I will occupy during the day and asking God to help something significant to come out of those blocks of time or those particular conversations.
  6. Silence: This can be very brief or an extended time where you wait upon the Lord’s whisper giving you direction, assurance, or a peace-filled resolve to get going. This is also the time I usually do my morning stretches.
  7. Sending Steps: What is the first thing you need to do now that you have been before the Lord?  Ask yourself the One Thing Question: “What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Don’t grab your phone and check your messages first thing. Don’t go sit at the computer and see what’s breaking in the world. There is always something breaking and falling apart in the world. Find out first how Jesus will hold things together for you, today!

Maybe for you, you need to try just one or two of the Seven until they are familiar. You start where you can start.