startingforwardThis morning, our youngest son Robert and his family (Sarah and Eli and Oliver)  will head out to Indiana to begin a new chapter in their lives. I see so many parallels to this new adventure they are undertaking with Luke 5 and Jesus’ call to his disciples.

They have gotten into our stuff this last year as Jesus got into Peter’s boat. Some things have changed with their stay. Robert has gotten his Army disability reestablished to be more appropriate to his physical condition. The boys have grown. Sarah has witnessed Karen’s anointing for organizing and stabilizing a home and I believe everything helps them be ready for this launch out into the deep.

But, it’s a deep place they have visited before; Indiana was where they were before they came home to us. Sarah’s dad is there, as are friends. As they move to the “nevertheless” of God’s direction in their lives, we pray their nets will fill with blessing and opportunity.

Maybe, like the disciples, their nets will break and they will have to call on others to help them through the anxious and nerve-wracking moments of life. I pray that every circumstance, every overwhelming moment will bring them to the feet of Jesus.

And, that they will hear Jesus speak to them of greater things still to come.

Grace and peace be upon them and you today. May the story of your life demonstrate that you, too, are being drawn to grace and the epic story God is writing with you.