prepare-yetheway“The voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him’.” (Mark 1: 3)

Where are the places God has worn down to a path in your life? When God has been moving in you, has it been to correct you and bring you back from where you have been or is the corrective path of God’s hand in you moving you forward into paths of righteousness?  I know which one God prefers. The Bible tells me so in the 23rd Psalm.

The Good Shepherd leads us beside still waters, into green pastures, and up paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

The verse from Mark’s gospel tells us we play a part in this path-forming work. Each and every day, we are to remind ourselves the King is coming! The King is coming to move through me. The King is coming announcing His ways to my mind and heart. The King is coming to rule over the landscape of my will, thoughts, and actions. The King is coming!

We wake to the work of an emissary preparing ourselves for the work of God each day. We also are to expect this work to take place immediately.

The call to make his paths straight is not only the call to have well appointed times and places where we allow God to work in us, but that we have a sense of immediacy and urgency about the difference God will make each day in us and through us.

Again, as Psalm 23 reminds us, our Good Shepherd will restore our soul. As God renews the faithfulness of his mercies in us each morning, our trajectory for the day is established.

Let’s make the path we make for God match the path God is making for us.