responsibilityIn a word, we have one responsibility as a person of faith: FOLLOW! That’s it. We don’t have to make up anything. We don’t have to justify or defend what we do. We don’t have to tell anybody else what they have to do. We just need to follow.

The good news about following is we don’t have to create the path or set the goal.The bad news for some of us is, if our one responsibility is to follow, our intentions – our why we do what we do – doesn’t matter. Our intentions have no bearing on anything at all unless our only intention is to follow.

Let me explain. The way of sin follows a very predictable path. It always begins in betrayal. That betrayal locks us into a self-serving biased way of doing things. That bias will look for someone to blame when things don’t hold up. Blame will give way to bitterness. Bitterness will move to bloodshed and bloodshed will bring us to the breaking down point of judgment where the cycle of sin carries us from deceit to destruction again and again.

Now, if I am rooted in my betrayal or bias or blame or bitterness will any amount of good intentions keep me from avoiding the inevitable result of sin in my life? No, if you are rooted or tied to sin (no matter your intentions) the results will be the fruit or wages of sin.

Let’s say you join a group whose stated reason for existence is to protest or blame someone for some terrible thing they are doing. Where will that protest take you?…

Wait a minute, let’s get grace up in front of our eyes to weigh what will happen in our hypothetical. Grace always begins in repentance as we are bound in alignment to the will greater than our own – to the Lord. Grace calls us to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ so we can have a means of exchange to move off of following our will to following the word of Jesus. Grace then builds up our most holy faith giving us the means to take responsibility for everything in our lives. Building up our faith produces blessing as we are led by the Holy Spirit. Blessing brings forth life as we give and sacrifice our lives in the following of Grace. Finally, we break through into newness of life, bringing better solutions to the mis-alignments and problems we face tomorrow.

Now, back to our protest. How will you take responsibility to make things better by following in solidarity those who follow after blame? You say you have the intentions of grace on your side. It doesn’t matter. Intentions don’t matter. Whose band wagon are you riding? Riders don’t steer the wagon, they just ride. They might be loud riders. They might insist the wagon head for a particular destination but their words are in vain.

So, if you are going to be carried along by the movements and currents that are at work in the earth make sure you’re riding in the stream of the gospel and your one responsibility is to follow Jesus. Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. To whatever you root yourself to follow, regardless of your intentions, out of what you follow the fruit will come.