contagiousI always wanted to be a contagious Christian but not like this. Karen and I both had our concerns and body aches confirmed today. We have the flu and are under quarantine until Sunday. Yes, there is much that needs to be done between now and then but we won’t be the ones who will do it.

I realize I am not indispensable to the Kingdom but I sure want to be helpful, or as my grandfather used to say, “useful as well as ornamental”. So, pray for us while we heal and recover.

Pray also you are ready to move instantly at God’s command upon your heart and will. Don’t ever make it necessary for God to look for someone else because you were too slow or stubborn to respond. As Jesus describes in the parable of the Good Samaritan, God can call the Samaritan but the injured man would have been glad to receive help sooner if he could have received it.

Thanks ahead of time for everyone’s prayers and service this week, especially to my brother, the Rev. Ed Johnson who has stood in for me a lot lately.