crosses3Reading through the Bible is not difficult but it will become difficult if we do not make it a daily habit. Luke is the only gospel that includes the word ‘daily’ as a necessity in taking up our cross and following Jesus. The others imply it, we intend it, but actually attending to it is the only thing that matters.

Will we have days like I have had the last few days and we can’t get our computer to connect to the internet? Will that be an excuse to skip a day of faithfully reading and following the plan? Not really. Will sickness or affliction move us to gravitate towards our Bible or the bed and a television?

There are many distractions and many detractors of our faith. There are many who rather than face condemnation and guilt themselves will seek to diminish your faith, belittle it, get you focused on something else, so your faith does not stand in sharp contrast to theirs. Don’t go down that road.

Don’t be like Pilate who knew better but was persuaded by political connection and the crowd of people who clamored for an insurrectionist above Jesus.

Don’t be like Pilate who had the power to withstand the crowd but simply washed his hands to the terrible things the crowd said it wanted as if that was faithfully bearing witness that he could find no fault in Jesus.

Don’t be like Pilate who in attempting to serve himself forfeited his authority to serve altogether.

Keep Jesus your singular focus. Know as Jesus draws nearer to the cross you need to draw nearer to him. This is not to deny you know him but to see where our forgiveness lies, to see where our hope for paradise is centered, and to see how to daily commit our souls unto God.

P. S.

Pray big time today. We’re still going LIVE on Facebook at 7:00 PM EST this evening. Karen says she will hold the phone and I am going to start the mini-concert promptly even if more nervous than usual for me.