donotdespiseJesus warns those who have big aspirations and big plans not to despise the small steps it takes each day to reach them. Many live disappointed lives because they have been told to dream big but not taught to take responsibility for the small beginnings of those dreams.

Let no responsibility be too insignificant for you. Rejoice in how something is done as much as what is accomplished when things are done. If you want a clean house, you can’t despise cleaning. If you want to build a house, you can’t despise laying the foundation.

Don’t trample down your future by stepping over responsibilities that need to be undertaken today. (Make sure of this in all that God has required of you as you begin the new year. Live today not pro crastinus, or for tomorrow. God’s gift to you is today.)

Joseph’s dreams came true because he was faithful over where God placed him while waiting. Joseph also found fulfillment and joy while waiting. (Genesis 41: 50 – 52) It was God’s gift to him.

Do not despise these days of beginning to Read through the Bible. We still may need to learn how to listen for the Lord’s voice in the midst of our reading. We still may have to guard against other things trampling on our reading time.

Know this responsibility may be small but it is an important responsibility. Jesus says, if we don’t learn how to listen to Moses and the prophets, we won’t be able to hear or “be persuaded though one rose from the dead.” (Luke 16: 31)