prodigalLast night, I was pitiful. I had a headache. I was in a bad mood and I certainly wasn’t supposed to be. We’re on vacation. We had good friends over visiting and we were playing cards: “18”. (It’s like Phase 10, only longer.) After I got stuck on hand #9 for the eighth time; well, like I said, I was pitiful.

Everyone was gracious enough to stop at that point in the game and we agreed to resume later. I got ready for bed and Karen took care of entertaining our friends.

I thought I would read today’s Scripture before going to sleep and it hit me. I soooo need to repent. I already took the Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen for my headache. But, my bad mood was trying to hang on a little bit too long.

Then, I read from Luke 15 and its description of the scribes and Pharisees: murmuring, muttering, and complaining about who Jesus is meeting, greeting, and eating with. And, a few verses later I see a shepherd who has found his sheep but is too busy rejoicing over finding him than to complain over the fact he was lost to begin with. A few verses later, I see a woman rejoicing over finding her lost coin but never complaining about her forgetfulness or the fact that the coin was hard to find.

Then, a few verses later, I see a father who is in a hurry but not to complain. He is in a hurry to hug and embrace his boy. He is in a hurry to rejoice.  He is in a hurry to meet, greet, and eat with his son.

The word for hurry is ‘ταχυς’ where we get our word tachometer. The contrast here is amazing. When faced with a challenge, God revs up his patience and compassion. Tonight, I was revving up something else.

Lord, help me when faced with the challenge of frustration or disappointment or pain to not stand in sharp contrast to you but stand in grace and glory with you, matching the challenges I face with patience and compassion. And forgive me for not being there already. Amen.