setfree1I hesitate to write today but believe it is a priority that I blog on a daily basis in 2017. Why the hesitation? One is I don’t want my blogging to become like a Facebook post simply reporting the facts about my thinking or activity. The second reason is I was having a cautionary moment about my Bible reading this moment. I got caught between two places of Scripture, one in Genesis, the other in Luke.

They both focus on receiving or acquiring something from the Lord. The hesitation comes in how to share my Observation. I believe I have known some folks through the years that have acquired a curse. Something happened in their family and the children are still living under the shadow of it. Life seems to be harder, rougher, though you can’t pinpoint any circumstantial differences between you and them. You both go to the same church and the same school. You live in the same neighborhood. Your parents even have the same occupation.

We don’t know what happened in the past. That’s shrouded from our sight. It just seems when we go through the same activity, hear the same lessons, we come out in a different place.  It seems when we’re drawn to the Lord, the same situation moves them like Cain, “away from the presence of the Lord”. (Genesis 4: 16)

The other Scripture that caught my attention was Luke 2: 40: “And the child grew and was strengthened by the Spirit, was being filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon Him.” When I observe this verse, a whole different expectation is awakened.

As the child grows there is no competing spirit that will disorganize and disassemble what the Lord and the parents are doing. There will be no parental self-sabotage or none that will override the strength and order given to the child by the Spirit of God. Humility not pride sets the tone for this house so wisdom or grace doesn’t return to sender but rests and soaks into the heart and mind of the child.

setfreeThe application I receive from this is threefold. The first is recognizing there is more than one spirit at work in everybody. The second application moves me to heed the words of Jesus in John 14: 1, “Let not your hearts be caught up in this spiritual struggle; you believe in God, then put your trust into me.” We are not able to resist the spiritual forces of wickedness in our own strength. Our first priority is to receive the strength and organizing help of the Holy Spirit. We make sure our pride doesn’t leave us stuck within the curse and struggle that sin brings to life.

The third application is in how I pray for others. My intercession must become more intense, more intimately tied to the wisdom of God’s Word of grace “which is able to build us up, and to give us an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.” (Acts 20: 32)

Prayer: Lord, thank you today for spiritual discernment, the gift that empowers us to identify the root cause of a curse and break its power through faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for the power of faith to trust Jesus and find in the Holy Spirit strength to be forgiven, restored, and reorganized in our thinking and in our actions. Thank you for your intercession for us. Thank you that intercession shares the power of the resurrection with us and binds us to your unfailing love.