what-do-you-missAs the year 2016 comes to a close, what do you miss?

I miss living on the farm, the feel of the air when there is a light frost underfoot and the smell of the leaves when they begin their turning from being fallen to mulch. I miss the crows and their cacophony of conversations. I miss the stillness and the quiet.  I miss the stars shining from horizon to horizon.

I miss my grand baby, growing up so fast and living so far away. Face time cannot do a hug or a smooch justice.

I miss the repetition of revival. I miss singing with all the choir members from the churches in the area. I miss the urgency of my brothers’ and sisters’ prayers.

I miss dear saints who went ahead of me into the Lord’s presence this year. I see the spaces they leave behind and wonder how God will move to steer someone into wearing their mantle and bearing their burden.

I miss my Mama remembering the things she wants to remember.

What do you miss?