bishopsharmalewisI know many of you are excited, like me, that we’ve been asked by our Bishop, Sharma Lewis to read through the Bible in 2017. This may be a new experience for many of you and you might think it too great a challenge. I can assure you, you can develop a habit of reading the Bible and responding to it that will lift your spirit, renew your mind, and train your body in righteousness.

To move through this process I recommend you order a Life Journal. Click to learn more about using the Life Journal or using a journal as part of your devotional life as you listen to Pastor Wayne Cordeiro of New Hope Church. lifejournalhabit

I urge you to find someone who is committed to reading through the Bible and ask them to be your friend in this process and help each other stick with it. Developing the habit together not only may make it easier, it will become a more valuable experience as you share in the application of God’s Word in your life.

I also urge you to follow this blog throughout 2017 and encourage your friends to do so, as well. I’ll be sharing how to follow Jesus up the pathway of grace, sharing some from my devotional journal, and alerting you to resources that will build up your faith and direct you into becoming a greater blessing to others.

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