Fill in the blank. There are some days you just don’t feel like doing _______ . Is it ironic that this post follows one about making praise continuous? Maybe. Maybe not. All of us have times when we don’t feel like writing a blog post, going to work, doing laundry, cutting the grass, picking up after someone, reading our Bible, praying, going to another practice, filling out another report, going to a meeting, and a thousand other things.

God knows this is a common event for a creature of dust, even one remade into the image of Jesus Christ. We don’t let it get us depressed or let these moments or days put us in a state of believing our best days are behind us. These kinds of moments call us to remember we are Sabbath people. We were built for rest. We were built for reflection on our responsibilities, not just for being responsible. We were made for finishing a race, not just for racing. We were made for harvest and sharing, not just planting and cultivating.

Every farmer knows there are days when the crops in the field need to be given time to ripen. There are days between reaping and sowing again. There are times to let the land rest. But, a farmer can’t let himself be fooled by this feeling of restlessness or the feeling of being drained of motivation to keep him from doing his essential chores.

What are our essential chores? (Besides reading this blog.) Today, my chores are: go to early morning prayer, even if I don’t feel like praying. Write this blog post. Go with my group here in Korea and be attentive to the things we are doing. Other than that, there is not another thing I have to do.

What are your essential chores you have today? We may share in days where we are called to rest and only rest but today I pray you do the essential things you need to do, not grudgingly or reluctantly but wholeheartedly as to the Lord – even if you don’t feel like it.

P. S. I will share my friend and roommate, Bob Weeks’ blog post and video with you after I post this. I know you will be encouraged and inspired by what he writes to realize the importance of doing your essential chores – even if you don’t feel like it.