ppraisePsalm 34: 1 and 2a says, “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord.” The next part of that second verse there is some evangelistic praise that arises from that but I want to first consider the beginning or the root of praise before we rejoice in the result of our praise. Psalm 33: 1: says that praise is beautiful or it can be translated, praise is the home for the upright. As you go through your day, are you living within your praise? Let’s face that question together so we can extend the roots of praise down deep, abiding in the presence of God each day.

Yesterday at Bupyeong Methodist Church we were bombarded from early morning until late at night with the praise of God from everyone. We heard it in the early morning (5:00 AM) prayer service. We took it in as we shared in a bountiful breakfast. All the meals, the way we were served, the generosity of their hospitality, all served to praise the Lord. The tour of the church magnified the work of God in their lives. The worship services, the concert we enjoyed, the world-class choir festival kept us in a constant framework of praise. But this day and this setting was exceptional. I know next Sunday night I will not experience a 600 person mass choir and orchestra, (Though that would be nice) but I will praise the Lord for the precious people who will gather to study His word and seek His face.

How can we in our everyday experience make our praise continual? First, recognize praise is not self-generated. Praise is not about us. Praise is not an expression of our mood or happiness. Praise is a recognition of God – His goodness and greatness. I’m glad I learned the common mealtime grace incorrectly. We didn’t rhyme when we said the blessing growing up but we recognized and gave praise to God. We said, “God is good, God is great. Let us thank Him for our food. Amen.” That was it. And that is the way we begin to make our praise continual. We recognize the goodness and greatness of God.

Secondly, we remember to repeat that recognition. We practice recurring recognition. We rehearse. Remember praise is to become our dwelling place where we live and move. So, get your key of faith out and enter into praise. Hold onto the doorknob of hope and swing wide the door of God’s mercy and power working in your life. Again, test the hinges of God’s grace and power. The door is oiled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Again, swing wide the door and as Psalm 24 says and “let the King of glory” come in. Let the King come in and wake you up, sing with you in the shower, sit with you at breakfast, accompany you to work, stand between you and that irksome person. Could you stay within your praise if you know when you react badly or speak in an ugly way, you are talking across Jesus?

Swing wide the door of praise and ask the King to come in and abide. Thank the King for coming. Thank the King for showing up! This is the final thing that helps make our praise continuous. Reach out to Him. Call upon His name. Let his praise be continually in your mouth. The old hymn says, “Tell it to Jesus” and that’s what we can do. Nothing is too great or too small to bring to Him. “Tell it to Jesus alone” and make your praise a continual offering to the Lord.