This last Sunday, we read from John 14: 1- 6 that begins with the familiar “Let not your heart be troubled” and then the admonition is given to trust God, to trust Jesus. In one verse Jesus lays bare the two approaches to life that are currently on display in the world. One approach is summed up in the word struggle. Are you down for the struggle? Are you practicing jihad? Are you consumed and characterized by, as Hitler titled it, Mein Kampf, “My Struggle”. We immediately say, “No, that’s not me”, but don’t be so quick to dismiss the way you might be living. We all have at one time or another been living this way. We have all wanted to fit in, wanted respect or recognition and acted to get it. When we were young how many of us succumbed to peer pressure of one kind or another? How many of us gave into temptation and sinned because in life’s struggles it was easier and more expedient to live that way. So many people today waste their life away struggling to have the conditions of their lives change without fundamentally changing themselves. Their life totally dependent on someone else changing first so their lives will be improved.

The other choice is the choice to believe in and trust Jesus. This is the choice: following Jesus as He leads us to true change and victory. We are set free from our sins, our past, and our fears and are given a new life every single day. We learn that either He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life or we are struggling to be. These are our two choices.

The late Jim Rohn shares an inspirational word about the difference between the futility of struggling against the wind or the fidelity of setting our sail in a way that takes advantage of the wind that blows in our lives. Watch the video.