HSdove We recently turned to Titus, chapters 2 and 3 to help us recognize and rejoice in the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We said there were three things the Holy Spirit does in a big way and three things that produces or makes possible for us.

1. The Holy Spirit helps us REMEMBER the WAY. The Apostle Paul doubles down and tells us the Holy Spirit calls us to a new life of righteousness and helps us to remember what that looks like. In particular Paul tells us to pay attention and follow those things that are unchanged from the beginning of time when he says “be subject to principalities and powers”. To “obey magistrates” is a similar command to follow those who follow the unchanging truths of creation. It is not some willy-nilly word to be subservient to government but a godly directive that the Spirit will help us establish our way based on the bedrock of God’s character and creation. Through this remembrance we will be able to show our appreciation for God’s mercy.

2. The Holy Spirit helps us be REGENERATED through WASHING, activating God’s Makeover of our lives. Literally, the Apostle Paul says the Spirit’s washing is a Genesis-Again act of God on our behalf. We are starting over as a new creation in Christ. The old is passed away and everything is being made new.

3. The Holy Spirit RENEWS the WORK of God in us “so that those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to doing what is good and profitable for everyone.” (Titus 3: 8)This renewing work also includes helping us avoid being a moron, or play at life out of turn, or disqualify or condemn ourselves through any foolishness after which we might run.