ashwednesday2Lent is a deep time of reflection and examination. For 40 days we hold up our faith to the intense light of the Son in the desert wilderness. Most of us begin this time with a shared worship experience on Ash Wednesday. We sing songs of faith. We pray and lift up our need for the outpouring of God’s presence into our lives. But, as we prepare for this Lenten season I hope you will be drawn to examine your life in light of the first expression of the pathway of grace we find in the life of the Church.

It is the day of Pentecost and just as Jesus was cast out into the desert by the Spirit, the outpouring of God’s promise upon the first disciples casts them out into the wild streets of Jerusalem. Peter stands up before the people of many nations and declares to them the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and the declaration that this same Jesus that was crucified is both Lord and Christ. The end of all things is at hand and God has moved in history and now seeks a dwelling place within our hearts. As many were moved and convicted by this apostolic message they asked a question, “What shall we do?” (Acts 2: 37) and Peter responds and asks them to enter into a new way of life – a pathway of grace.

He tells them to:
1. Fully align yourself with Jesus Christ – Repent!
2. By faith, immerse yourself in this Way of life
3. Be forgiven of your sins
4. Be filled with the Spirit
5. Fiercely Follow the apostles’ instruction, and
6. Be a faithful participant in the fellowship of love and care

Now, review this list. Examine your own soul. Submit yourself to the wise council of others. How are you doing? How will following this path affect you over the next 40 days? How can you be more fully aligned with Jesus Christ? How can you whet and wet your faith? How can you douse your spirit, soul, and body with the washing and regenerating power of God’s word during this Lenten season? Are there sins you need to confess and for which you find forgiveness and old-habit-shattering cleansing? Are you filled with the Spirit? Do you contend for the faith (within and without) “that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people”. (Jude 1: 3) Are you daily demonstrating and giving the grace you received from the Lord? Do you stand in need of more grace?

Walk the pathway of grace. Do not let the days of Lent be wasted or passed over in your life. Let God bring about significant change and growth in you. I certainly want to rejoice with the angels over what God is doing in you!

If You Liked This Teaching…

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