One of the chapters in my upcoming book, The Pathway of Grace: Learning to Walk with God is titled Matching Steps. In it, I describe the six qualities of life that demonstrate our lives are in sync with the Lord’s. They are 1. Unity, 2. Liberty, 3. Authority, 4. Authenticity, 5. Fidelity, and 6. Integrity/Humility. I want to share the excerpt from that last quality in a tomorrow in a separate post but first I want to tell you how I have seen these characteristics in action this week.

As some of you know I purchased a new vehicle for me about three weeks ago. This weekend as I drove my car home from church there was this terrible sound and the feeling that the bottom was coming out of my car. (Neither very good signs.) My first thought was the transmission. Well. Monday it was confirmed. I have to have a new transmission. The mechanics and I were both surprised I made it from home to the shop recommended by one of my church members, Keith Gostel.

Well, I’m supposed to go to Nashville tomorrow for the National Association of United Methodist Evangelists’ Summit and my new car is certainly not going to carry me there. Instead I am driving Keith’s car. I tried to tell him I would rent a car but he said, “I believe when you have something God has given it to you. And when God has given it to you that means you’re supposed to share it when you need to. I think this is one of those times.” Of course I have thanked him but “Thank you” seems a small gesture in light of the gift of provision he has given me and he even filled the car up with fuel before he brought it to me.

I just wanted to let you know that there are people still matching their steps to the Lord’s and I am glad I know one of them and can call him my friend.