AirTranHave you ever been at an airport waiting in the terminal for your flight to board? There are others there, too, but all of you are not headed to the same place. If you were, your flight would be overbooked and someone would be left stranded at the terminal or have to stay stuck until a later time. Even when we start out together, we all are not destined to end up in the same place. Some of us have connections to make.

As I waited recently for a flight from Orlando to Atlanta, I heard the boarding call for a flight to Raleigh, North Carolina being made. “We will now begin boarding for your flight to RDU, Raleigh/Durham Airport. All eight passengers for US Airways Flight 752 may now board for our flight to Raleigh. Yes, we only have eight passengers boarding for this flight to Raleigh.” At first, you thought you heard a little sarcasm or irony in this boarding call but by the end of the sentence there was a pleading tone to the agent’s voice, inviting any of the large crowd that was waiting for other flights for other destinations to please come and board their flight. Of course, no one changed their course. We were waiting for our particular boarding call.

It was our particular boarding call for which we were ready to react and move. It was our particular boarding call to which we lined up and got in order. It was that call that mandated the submission of our boarding pass. Our identity, who we were had to match that boarding pass. We were not allowed to get on another flight. Those two things, our identity and where we were being called to go had to match.

This is the same requirement for spiritual travel. The call to serve is a particular call to be on board with God in a given time, in a given place, for a given trip. The good news is we can make all of the miles we travel frequent flyer miles when we are led by the Spirit and move in obedience to the Spirit’s prompting. When the call of God’s Word and Spirit matches our identity with where we need to go and what we need to do, we always are on time for the connections we need to make.

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