I am down in Florida finishing up my training at GKIC’s Fast Implementation Marketing Bootcamp.  While I’ve been here the temperature bottomed out at 72 degrees.  They tell me when I get home, by Sunday the high for the day will be half that and we will have an ice storm.  Whoopee!

No, I mean it.  Coming home means I get to see Karen and barring the ice storm (the weather man has been wrong before) I’ll get to preach and worship Sunday with everybody at Laurel Hill.

What has that got to do with you?  Well, it just goes to show you, it doesn’t matter how much people forecast storms or how many storms we fear may be on the way, if we have something to look forward to, God’s grace will see us through.  Share your comments with me today about what keeps you looking forward!

Yours in grace and peace, Norman Ramsey

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