KICKING THE CANI have been led repeatedly lately to read and meditate on the vision of Isaiah, chapter 1.  A word of wisdom that arises from that vision is deal with difficulties when they are small.  Repent of sins speedily.  Make course corrections sooner rather than later.  Kicking the can down the road as the cartoon illustrates eventually hurts more than toes.

As Dave Dee writes in a recent GKIC Insiders Circle post (December 3, 2013) titled, The Real Secret to Getting Ahead, one of the things we must do is “solve problems fast. Everybody experiences problems, conflicts and challenges. The trick is to not let them fester. As soon as you identify a problem, swoop in and resolve it quickly before it becomes a bigger problem.”

Burdens carried over time have a way of bending us and reshaping who we are.  Challenges to our character left unchallenged change our character.  I’m not talking about being defensive or argumentative but about being plain and honest.  Our days of covering up and being dishonest are coming to a close.  The question is whether that ending will bring us to a time of open tyranny or a new season of grace and truth.

Pray for me, our ministry, and our nation.  I have started a book based on this vision of Isaiah 1.  The working title is A Desolate Country.  It is a call to the nation to turn back to the Lord.  Jim Rohn says, “You cannot change your destination overnight but you can change your direction overnight.”  This book is a reminder God is still able to change destinations overnight or even quicker if we turn back to Him.