How do you make a change in your life so that it doesn’t wrench your heart, soul, mind, or strength out of whack? I think we learn from Psalm 46. Reverse engineer the works of God.

1. Find the answer to “How will God be exalted by or through the change?”.

2. Be still and know the Lord as you change. Sometimes we have to stop something before we start something else. Slow it down and break the change into little pieces, then sweep into something different.

3. Let God consume what use to consume you. Burn bridges if they are crosswalks towards failure.

4. Kick out your props. Remove stuff that complicates the change.

5. Burst your bubbles. Don’t expect too much too fast. Be resolute but also be realistic.

firststeps6. If you can’t complete the change for the good, do less of what put you in the bad spot you’re in and start over. You’re closer than you were before. Forgive yourself and start again. Before you know it, you will make the change!