The Point of Faith is to have a means of exchange that allows your way of doing things to die and God’s way of doing things in Jesus Christ to live.  The Power of Faith is in the person trusted, not the person trusting.  Grain of mustard seed size faith is fine as long as it is planted in Jesus Christ.  Do you get it?  When the disciples asked Jesus to “increase our faith”  they literally asked him to enable us to “set down our faith towards you”.  There is power in faith because of Jesus: his personality, his authority, his integrity.  Now for our faith to have power it must have a certain austerity to it.  It is marked by it simplicity in following not in its morality, or how its feeling today, or how well it can discuss faithfully following.  No, the power of faith resides in its austerity of following Jesus.  He commands, we comply.  The priority of our faith is to value what Jesus values and to do what He says.  The priority is to wait for the promise from on High and then be his witnesses!

The 300 Challenge: Help us share 300 copies of Norman Ramsey Ministries’ resources (any book or CD – $10.00 each) and we will reach the place where we can record for free any music resource Norman creates.  We are excited that we are so close towards reaching our goal but the goal will remain unrealized and postponed without your support.  So, thank you very much for all you do!

40 Days: It’s 40 days until my birthday, September 29th and that is the date we have set as our target date for contacting Tate Music Group and letting them know we are ready to record again (for free).  Thank you to Laura Lindsay, J. B. and Janet Bailey, and Gerald Bowles for helping us get underway towards reaching our goal.  We stand at 287 and counting down!

Want To Donate Norman_Ramsey_Ministries5f2c71 Some of you may just want to give a donation towards reaching our goal.  That’s great and all you give to Norman Ramsey Ministries is tax deductible as a charitable donation.  We are a 509 (a) 3 activity-based charity so you can give knowing that all you share will move us toward providing a ministry resource or ministry event that will help someone grow in their relationship with God.  If you want to use a credit card, go to, click the Send Money tab and enter our email and donate whatever amount God leads you to give.  If you want to write a check, make it out to Norman Ramsey Ministries and send it to NRM, 2501 Caliber Drive, Henrico, VA 23231.