We believe it is the calling of Norman Ramsey Ministries to make the grace and joy of Jesus as unavoidable as possible!  We do this in four primary ways: preaching, teaching, writing and publishing, and through music.  It was our goal when we signed with Tate Music Group and Tate Publishing in 2009 to move towards being able to perpetually record for free.  We are very near to that goal and we are compelled over the next 45 days to reach that goal.  With your help we can reach the goal and have complete freedom to produce the musical resources that will glorify the Lord, edify His church, and equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

How Do We Reach the Goal?  It’s simple.  We sell three hundred (300) copies of our music or books ($10 each) and our goal is reached.  In any combination of the three musical CDs (Near to the Heart of God, Apprentice, or The Colors of Grace) or the three books (Moving at the Speed of Grace, More than Breathing, or A Nation Pierced) we already have, purchase one or more and you can help us move Norman Ramsey Ministries into a whole new way of creating resources that helps to make the grace and joy of Jesus as unavoidable as possible!

Are You One of the 300? Will you share the resources of Norman Ramsey Ministries with a friend?  Does someone you know need to be encouraged to be Moving at the Speed of Grace or know how to pursue life in the power of the Spirit and live a life that is More than Breathing?  Perhaps, you want someone to join you in praying for revival for our nation; get a copy of A Nation Pierced for them.  Maybe there is a book or CD you don’t have, yet; order it today.  And everybody can use the encouragement of good music.  You can go back in time to when Steven Curtis Chapman sang back up with me on the Near to the Heart of God CD or have fun listening to the acapella project, Apprentice or share The Colors of Grace!

cogmovingThere are forty-five (45) days between now and my birthday on September 29th.  I am praying we will reach the goal before then.


If you would like to help, let me know what resources you want me to send you and how many copies you need. Email me at reverendnorm@msn.com.  You can send payment through http://www.paypal.com. Click on the Send Money tab and enter my email address and the amount of your support for the ministry.  Writing a check, mail your payment to NRM, 2501 Caliber Drive, Henrico, VA 23231.

godstoryWhen We Reach the Goal, This Is Where We Are Headed! Norman Ramsey Ministries is partnering with the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church to create songs for God-Story, a new initiative to help persons see God at work in their life and articulate that story in a concise and meaningful way.  God-Story is a 24-hour training event and my goal is to accurately share in song the content and movement of that 24 hours – 8 songs in fact.  But, what will we do with those songs after they are written?  That will be up to God and you! This can be a powerful means of grace for many and your support makes a difference.