Norman_Ramsey_MinistriesI believe there is a music project on the horizon for our ministry; a music project called Hymned in by Grace.  It’s a music project that does three things: provides you the listener with encouragement for your faith and life, re-tunes some old hymns so they can be heard in a new and fresh way (as well as share some new songs of my own), and give us the chance as a ministry to establish a platform for recording any project in the future free of production costs.  What do you think?

Would you like to have a copy of music that encourages you and strengthens your faith every time you listen to it?  Would you want to provide an opportunity for a new generation of people (not necessarily open to the musical styles popular in the 1700’s and the 1800’s) to hear the message of the sacred songs of the gospel and enjoy them musically, too?  Would you want to see this ministry have the freedom to be more productive in the future than we can be right now?

We are praying how to move forward on this project and discern if there is support for it.  What do you think? I appreciate you letting me know.