high diveWhen I was a young teenager I got invited over to swim at a private country club swimming pool.  It had a high diving board on the deep end of the pool.  And, though I had never jumped off a diving board and though I couldn’t swim very well I climbed up the ladder in the midst of my friends and peers.  I certainly wasn’t going to let ignorance or inability slow me down.  Finally, it was my turn.  Standing out on that high diving board I had no way to go but down so down I went.

I survived the jump but as I said I couldn’t swim very well.  So, with eyes closed and breath held I tried to find my way underwater towards the ladder at the side of the pool.  Just when the pressure in my chest was starting to build I felt the bottom rung of the ladder in my hand.  Just at that moment, someone who had jumped off a diving board before and who could swim fairly well, swam over top of me and pushed me down as they climbed out of the pool.  This was not good.

I risked the chlorine burn to my eyes and opened them as the last bit of my breath escaped to the surface ahead of me. I lunged for the ladder and yanked myself up.  I gulped in the air and a little bit of water as I surfaced, coughing and hacking to cover my relief at being alive.  My friends quickly asked, “Are you alright?”  I said, “Yeah”.  “Are you going to jump again?”, they asked.  I said, “Sure.”

Yes, I survived but I tempted the Lord that day.

Are we tempting the Lord?  Are we asking God to suspend the law of sowing and reaping and enable us to survive spending more than we have?  Are we asking God to protect us and cover us even though we keep on exposing ourselves to sin?  Are we asking God to enable us to receive honor and respect even though we are living a lie?  Are we asking God for more hours in the day rather than more day in my hours?  Are we tempting the Lord?  If we are, let’s at least admit the end of the pool from which we are jumping.