Hannibal Smith of the A-team says, “I love it when a plan comes together!”  I do, too and I was a witness to such a coming together this week. Last night, we concluded the first Varina-wide Revival.  The Route 5 Corridor pastors sought the Lord together and believed an event needed to occur where we crossed our racial and denominational barriers.  This week the walls came tumbling down.  I thank all of those who made this week so good.  I thank the Lord!  I thank my fellow pastors.  A big “Thank you” goes out to the music ministers of our various churches who did a terrific job of making it easy to praise the Lord.  I thank all of the folks who came with open hearts to receive the word of the Lord and for our preachers who brought us the word: the Dr. Dean John W. Kinney and the Rev. Dale Hathorn.

Through them we were encouraged to watch for what the Lord will do rather than get stuck  looking at our problems.  We were encouraged to be a person of praise.  We were told to run to the well for living water; don’t sit back and wait for someone to bring you some. Get desperate for a deep drink of living water.  Don’t hold back; there is an endless supply. Take the lid off of our box and throw away the sin, the doubt, and the fear and freely enjoy a new experience of the Holy Spirit!

If you were there please share your comments and where you discern the Lord leading us next.