Have you ever played pin the tail on the donkey?  You don’t appreciate the accuracy of your aim or the lack of aim you have until the blindfold comes off.  This is much the same way with grace.  Before we appreciate and appropriate grace the blindfold needs to come off and we see by the revelation of God’s gracious Spirit the nature and scale of our sin.  “We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3: 23)  To appreciate that we miss the mark comes right beside recognizing the goodness of God in leading us towards repentance.

Until, we admit that we miss the mark and our life is lived out of congruence with the glory of God we remain in darkness.  Our roots remain unexposed, covered over with apathy, disobedience, deceit, and unbelief.  The ax of repentance strikes a very dull surface and our heart remains unchanged.

Awaken fully to the nature of sin.  It has a one-track existence that runs from deceit to destruction.  It always 1) Begins in Betrayal.  It locks us into a self-serving 2) Bias.  That won’t hold up in the light, so unless it moves towards repentance it will follow a very predictable trajectory towards 3) Blame.  Blame unrepented of will bring forth 4) Bitterness.  Bitterness unresolved will lead to 5) Bloodshed and bloodshed will bring us to a 6) Breaking point of judgment.

If you do not stand in the grace of Jesus Christ today, trusting Him for the forgiveness of your sins and for the fulfillment of your life as your Lord and Saviour, you are still walking blind down the pathway of sin.  This principle and corrupting power of missing the mark desires to acclimate you to its way.  You must master it.  You must tear the blindfold off and humble yourself before the Lord in repentance. Continue to yield yourselves to the Lord daily as an instrument of grace rather than yield yourself to sin.