Last night I wrote down some things I needed and wanted to tend to today.  This is #18 of 20 items on my “I-am-doing-today” list.  Glenn Dietzel reminds us that “Writing is the doing part of thinking.” The day becomes more than just a routine when we write down what we will do.  The day becomes a witness to what is important to us.

The Bible says that God never leaves himself without a witness each day. God sends forth his word.  We see it written in the pages of Holy Bible and Psalm 19: 2 says, “Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.”

So, it is important that we become like God and write down the thoughts and intentions of our heart, act in accordance with our own will, and as a result accomplish much.  But, do not hide your words in a journal or diary.  Write them into the conversations with your friends. Keep people updated on how you’re doing and you will bear much fruit.  A study was undertaken by Gail Matthews, Ph.D., Dominican University that found the greatest success arose when participants were asked to do more than just think about their goals or write out goals or action plans.  The greatest success arose when the participants were “asked to formulate action commitments and send their goals, action commitments and weekly progress reports to a supportive friend”.

Our family does this by helping each other lose weight.  My brother, Dennis lost 10% of his body weight as we conducted our own in-family contest called “Thinner fo’ Yo’ Dinner” this spring.  The winner of the contest was treated by the other participants for dinner when the family went to the beach for vacation.  We’ve started another contest this week that will run through Thanksgiving.  Each week we will update our progress and encourage each other to pursue and accomplish our goals.  Our words, mostly through emails, will be a witness to each other of our progress together.

The Word is a witness to the glory and character of God.  Let what you write, wherever it is – a blog, an email, a thank you note; even your conversations and conduct testify and communicate that same glory and character with your personal touch and perspective on it.  Let the living Word which abides forever be routed through your life today.  Let your life “pour forth speech” and “display knowledge” for all to see and receive the benefits of paying attention.


PS This was posted one day after its writing.  Hope it was worth the wait.