The gospel of Luke shares a wonderful story of what it means to be called by Jesus.  Turn to Luke 5 sometimes and read as the word of God reveals the heart of God for your life and mine.  This revelation begins with the fact that #1 God wants to get into your stuff.  Until you realize God wants to get into your life and transform it from something ordinary to something extraordinary, you will likely miss God’s call and blessing for your life.  Romans 8: 31 declares God is for you!  His love for you is great but that love must find a point of entry into your life through repentance and faith.  God’s love needs to make a personal connection with you that is just as plain and direct as climbing into Simon’s boat. That step of Jesus transformed an ordinary fishing vessel into a platform for preaching the kingdom.  What will your life become when Jesus gets into your stuff?

#2 To follow Jesus is to be asked to go deeper than you have been up ’til now.  When we follow Jesus by faith we are irrevocably asked to “Launch out into the deep” beyond what we can rationalize, predict, or see.  We are asking for one who is greater than us to be Himself within us!

#3 To follow Jesus is to know no matter the success or failure of our previous efforts, we can trust to find sufficient strenth and resources when we move according to the word of Jesus.  We now act out of Jesus’ greater authority – the authority of God’s Holy Spirit – speaking to us and challenging us to move forward.

#4 To follow Jesus is to be abundantly blessed; so much so that others are called to join us in receiving from God.  The end result of that blessing is our stuff invariably sinks under the weight of what Jesus is doing in our lives.  As John the Baptist said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3: 30)

#5 To follow Jesus is to recognize all the stuff Jesus works out in our lives is a gift of grace.  We stand amazed and are always working to overcome our surprise at God’s goodness.  We are sinners who are drawn back to the first principle of how to follow Jesus.  The last thing Jesus wants to do is depart from us or leave us alone.  Jesus wants to get into our stuff over and over again.

#6 To follow Jesus is to have our fears superceded by the calling of Jesus into and working through our stuff, transforming us into folks who can catch people as well as fish, write a song of victory into a person as well as onto a page.

Come on, tell me! How are you going to be following Jesus?