The deciding factor in life is Jesus.  Have you aligned your life to His?  Have you turned from and forsaken your own way to follow Him?  This is the deciding choice of your life.  The Apostle Paul highlights this choice as he finishes Romans chapter nine and walks us through Romans chapter ten.

The Apostle follows the motto to keep things simple.  Put your faith in Him (Jesus Christ), “the stone that the builders rejected.”  God has made Jesus the capstone, the stone that holds things together for all.  It is not enough to have faith.  Faith must have a direction and a focus.  Sincere faith in the wrong thing can prove to be worse than no faith at all.

Saving faith, the faith that grows up into eternal life is very specific.  It originates in God’s righteousness revealed in Jesus Christ.  It is submitted to God in Jesus Christ.  Out of that submission it becomes a serving faith and a faith that is shared with others.

Have you made Jesus the deciding factor for your life?  Is the name of Jesus spoken freely over all that you do?  I speak it over you now.  In the name of Jesus, I send you forth to walk with God, a witness to the nations that Jesus is Lord!