Imagine if you will a flag unfurled in the breeze.  It is a flag of the United States of America but it is not the bright red, white, and blue you would expect to see.  It is gray, like an old black and white TV screen whose picture has washed out.  The flag is not in its usual rectangle but as it unfurls you see the familiar shape of the lower forty-eight states.  But, you notice something else.  There is a rip or a tear that has ripped across southern California into Nevada.  As the map unfurls you can see it with your own eyes – we are a nation pierced.

Please read this introduction from my new book, A Nation Pierced: A Call to a Nation under Judgment.  More chapters are on the way: A House Divided, Signs of the Times, The Big “IF”, What Do You Know?, The Days of Noah, and The Lord’s Prayer.  No matter what, I pray you will turn to the One who has already been pierced for you and for our nation!