I have been a Christian believer now for forty years but it wasn’t until the last eight years that I have confirmed through life and scripture that this saying from John 14: 6 focuses and encapsulates all of reality.

Jesus said, ” I am the way.”  This straightforward expression to a doubting Thomas is the first phrase of a threefold declaration that claims the only way to make progress towards God is through Jesus Christ.  Everything else is spirituality on a treadmill.

Want to know what the way looks like?  Want to see the path unfold?  Here it is!  The way always begins in repentance and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.  From there we build up our faith and become a blessing empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We bring life in the passion and name of Jesus and breakthrough into newness of life.  Read all about in Romans 8: 28 – 30.

Jesus modeled it in his baptism and wilderness testing.  Jesus continued to reveal it in his anointing and ministry.  Jesus commands it of our soul through his crucifixion and resurrection!

Jesus is the Way.