Thank you Lord for the path of your grace and thank you for how obvious the pathway of sin is once you have your eyes opened to see it!  Last night, we walked out on sin and we are never coming back together again.

     Starting at Ephesians 4: 17 we outlined the mindset of sin from which we repent, then we walked the pathway of grace, leaving the darkness behind.  Then we showed the life for which we were made as we moved from Ephesians 4: 32 through 5: 18.

     Pray as I write what we shared last night.  I have misplaced my digital voice recorder and chapter 5 of The Path of the Blind will have to be reconstructed by memory.  I am so excited about the impact this book is going to have in setting people free from sin and in joining our hearts to Christ.   Grace and peace be yours in our Lord Jesus Christ.